7 Days Sugarless

I could really go for a nice big batch of warm, salted caramel brownies right about now.  Or even just a bite.  But I’m a third of the way through the 21-Day-Sugar-Detox!  What what!  Look at me!  I’m honestly feeling better than I’ve felt in months.

Immediately following our wedding, I had plunged into a dangerous game of selective gluten-consumption leaving my insides and outsides as ugly as can be.  I would binge on something really terrible for me…for example, pizza, and then feel sick for weeks.  I knew what I was doing to myself, yet I kept it up on and off for a few months.  As soon as I’d recover from a midnight affair with a gluten laced treat I’d go back for more.  The cycle really was noticeably messing me up.  I was breaking out, my lips were flaking apart, and we won’t mention what was going on inside of me.  Disturbing.  The 21DSD is helping keep me on the path of the straight and narrow in the gluten department.

Anyway – I didn’t make those pizza kale chips that I had promised last week.  The idea of making cashew cream seemed daunting and I was focused on house hunting.  However, I did whip up my most favorite soup, Tom Kha Kai!  It’s a cinch to make, and will last a couple of days and is the perfect solution to 21DSD lunches.

Well, just another hour and I’ll be out running 2 miles as the start to half marathon training for week two!  I’m actually looking forward to my run, it is sunny and in the high 40’s here, but very windy.


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