As a small child I was given the not-so-loving nickname of “Snip” which I now carry as a badge of honor.  “Snip” comes from a small incident involving my grandmother trying desperately not to curse at me while scolding me for my very unsavory conduct upon losing a game of Old Maid.  I inserted the word “snip” for her as I imagined cutting her off from speaking to me.  Apparently there were many witnesses and the name has stuck.  I love it.  When I was a teenager my father jokingly referred to our family boat as the Snipperette and thus my pen name.

I really don’t love these little bios that people are constantly asking me to write.  However, I’ll attempt to appease your curious minds.  I’m not yet thirty (FTW) and recently married Mr. Dubs in my hometown in Upstate New York.  I grew up in one of the most beautiful places in the world and will be forever jaded by that beauty – no where else can stack up to it – but everywhere seems to have better jobs.  I attended college in what I referred to as “the armpit of the world” where I earned degrees in PR and Journalism and went on to work for non-profits in development, PR and marketing positions.  I absolutely love food, but am hindered by my gluten-intolerance.

These days I’m living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with my husband and our slightly psychotic but always adorable English Setter, Rory Penelope.  We spend our free time eating and drinking throughout the city, getting rear-ended by old ladies, and cuddling up on the couch in what is now referred to as “the formation”.


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